Research related events act as a corner stone for the academic environment. These conferences, symposiums and seminars help the academicians to understand the latest developments in their field of interest and sometimes also provide a platform to them for showcasing their research and let a wider group of people know about it. OR at LUMS, to further cultivate this environment plays its part by identifying all the possible and suitable travel grants offered by external sponsors.
All the TG applications seeking external funding are to be routed through the Office of Research (OR). Applications must be submitted through Grants Application, Management and Execution System (GAMES) to the OR.



Route of Travel Grants

The above figure to some extent gives an ample understanding of how a TG is applied, reviewed and approved. The course of action through which a TG is approved is almost the same as any other external funding source, with some minor changes.
For further information, go through the Management and Administration of Sponsored Programmes Policy and feel free to contact Office of Research at


Policy - Travel Grants


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