Dr. Saad Azmat



Dr. Saad Azmat assumed the role of the Director of Office of Research from October 2019. Dr. Azmat is an Associate Professor of Finance and former Associate Dean Research at Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He is also the Chair of the Centre for Islamic Finance at LUMS. His research is published in well regarded academic journals including Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization and Pacific Basin Finance Journal. He has been a visiting researcher at a number of institutions around the world including University of Chicago, Monash University and INCEIF. He has been a consultant to government organizations, Islamic banks and corporate firms.


Work Email: saad.azmat@lums.edu.pk
Work Phone: +9242 3560 8417

Hamza Habib, PMP

Grant Management Specialist-Manager


Hamza Habib is the pioneer member of Office of Research and is serving LUMS in the capacity of Grant Management Specialist since 2010. Hamza is a visionary and analytical executive, with demonstrated success in managing donor funded programmes, increasing funds’ volume and exceeding sponsors’ expectations. He is a resilient change agent with the ability to analyze complex data and issues, devise continuous process improvements and launch transformation initiatives for managing research funding effectively. He has considerable talent in stakeholder engagement and establishing relationships with local and global sponsors. Hamza graduated as a Software Engineer from the University of the Punjab (PUCIT) and pursued his Masters in Management and Marketing from Nottingham Trent University, UK. In addition, Hamza is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is leading and directing projects and project teams as per the international standards. He has been engaged in the end to end implementation of SAP Grants Management Grantee (GM-GTE) module at LUMS and also spearheaded the development of a web-based solution, Grants Application, Management and Execution System (GAMES), that has transformed grant management practices at LUMS.


Work e-mail: hamza.habib@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 8207

Muhammad Faisal

Assistant Manager


One of the pioneer Office of Research members, Muhammad Faisal is serving LUMS since 2010. He holds an MBA from Superior Group of Colleges and is providing valuable support in carrying out Office of Research operations and management of internal and external funding of research projects . His main responsibility is to manage internal and external communication, liaison with donors for proposal submission, award and closure of the project. Furthermore, he is responsible for technical and financial monitoring of LUMS’ funded programs for faculty and students.


Work e-mail: muhammad.faisal@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 8336

Sohaib Iftikhar

Deputy Manager-Grants


Sohaib is an ACCA Affiliate from SKANS school of Accountancy. Apart from ACCA, he holds a CAT diploma (Certified Accounting Technician) as a relevant certification in the field of Accountancy from SKANS. Sohaib is serving LUMS Office of Research department since February 2014 as a Research Associate. His core responsibility is to analyze and initiate project related claims in SAP. Additionally, he assists in the audit of financials related to projects governed by Office of Research.


Work e-mail: sohaib.iftikhar@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 8000 Ext: 8042

Muhammad Najam Ul Ain

Assistant Manager – Financial Management & Reporting


Muhammad Najam Ul Ain is an ACCA Member and ACA (UK) finalist. He has completed his ICAEW articles from BERGER Paints Pakistan Limited. After completion of his articles, he joined LUMS, Office of Research team in September 2017. His core responsibilities include preparation of financial reports for internal & external reporting, allocation of grant budgets in SAP as per donor’s guidelines, creation of new grants and derivations in SAP GM-GTE module. His area of expertise include Financial Management and SAP related matters.


Work e-mail: muhammad.najam@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 8375

Aonia Masood

In-House Counsel (Senior Officer)


Aonia Masood joined Office of Research in 2017, as In-House Counsel at LUMS. Her core responsibilities include managing contracts, intellectual Property, and technology related matters. Furthermore, she represents LUMS as focal person at Technology and Innovation Support Centers Network, Pakistan (World Intellectual Property Organization). Prior to joining LUMS, she has worked with Zafar & Associates-LLP as an Associate Attorney and Nestle as Legal Researcher where she acquired valuable and relevant experience in the legal field. She has also been working as legal researcher, with Justice (R) Nasira Iqbal - a renowned legal personality and a philanthropist in Pakistan. During her service with Nasira, she worked several documents including Pakistan’s initial State reports on United Nations Treaties i.e., the ICCPR and UNCAT.


Work e-mail: aonia.masood@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 2317

Muhammad Naeem

Senior Officer


Mr. Naeem is an MBA graduate with 5 years of professional experience. He began his professional career, as an Internal Auditor with LIMELIGHT a clothing brand. Furthermore, he has been a part of Power Highway Pvt. Ltd. as an Accountant. Mr. Naeem joined LUMS in 2017 as a Research Assistant at Office of Research and his core responsibilities as a senior officer, include working on sponsored projects, Financial Reporting and Audits.


Work e-mail:  naeem.siddique@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 8101

Hafiz Muhammad Yahya



Yahya is an ACCA Affiliate, currently working at LUMS as an Officer at Office of Research. Apart from ACCA, he holds a CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) as a relevant certification in the field of Accountancy.His core responsibilities include making Budget Utilization Reports, processing various project related claims and assistance in financial reporting. His area of expertise also includes internal audit. Prior to joining LUMS, he worked at EY (Ernst & Young) as an Internal Audit Trainee, where he acquired relevant and valuable experience in Audit and Accountancy.


Work e-mailmuhammad.yahya@lums.edu.pk 
Work phone: +9242 3560 8373

Faiza Shah




Ms. Faiza is an MBA graduate from NUST Business School, Islamabad, and has considerable experience in project management, corporate strategy, internet marketing and content management. Ms. Faiza joined Office of Research in June, 2019. Her core responsibilities include sharing Calls for Proposal, reviewing Grant application and budgets in compliance with the donor's guidelines and submitting them to the relevant donor. Prior to joining LUMS, she has served in the Corporate Strategy & PMO Department of Ufone for 3 years. Furthermore, she has worked as a Content Marketer and Content Writer for a software house in Islamabad for 2 years.

Phone Number:  +9242 3560 5124 
Email: faiza.shah@lums.edu.pk

Khawaja Muhammad Awais

Research Assistant


Awais is rendering his services to OR’s Finance team as a Research Assistant. His core roles include making budget utilization reports, processing project related claims and their reimbursement, financial reporting and reconciliation between Budget and Expense sheets. He is also assisting in internal audits for the projects like NICL. He graduated as MBA from University of Central Punjab (UCP) in 2014. He has previously worked with Bahria Town Private Limited and Azgard Nine.


Work e-mailkhawaja.awais@lums.edu.pk 
Work phone: +9242 3560 5113

Sultan Ayaz Ahmed

Research Assistant


Sultan holds a business certification from King’s Own Institute, Australia. Currently, he is working at LUMS as Research Assistant at Office of Research. His core responsibilities include preparation of budget utilization reports of LUMS funded grants, consultancies, events and unrestricted grants. He also provides assistance in conducting audit activities and provides approval of resource hiring on funded programmes.


Work e-mail: sultan.ahmed@lums.edu.pk
Work phone: +9242 3560 8380

Rushda Khan

Research Assistant


Holds an MPhil degree in Environmental Sciences with being a gold medalist from Lahore School of Economics, Lahore. Her core responsibilities are preparing a quarterly newsletter, annual research portfolio and other communication based tasks. She also provides assistance in managing LUMS internal and external grants in there pre and post award management phases.


Work e-mailrushda.khan@lums.edu.pk 
Work phone: +9242 3560 8530