Electrical Engineering, SBASSE
Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Zubair Khalid

Sponsor: Digital Retail Pvt. Ltd

Project Overview

The fundamental objective of this project is to design algorithm and prototype hardware for the development of innovative features for digital vending machines. In broad terms, this project seeks to:

  1. Develop a face recognition and age estimation algorithm in the machine computer. The image of the user will be captured using a camera installed at the front of the machine. The camera will be connected with the machine computer. The algorithm will collect and store following data about the user:
    1. The gender and age bracket of the user
    2. The time of the transaction
    3. The item(s) purchased by the user
    4. The amount of the transaction
  2. Develop and implement a prompting algorithm in the machine computer. Videos related to each product in the product trays of the machine would be stored in the machine computer. Upon initiating a purchase by the user from a specific tray location, the prompting algorithm will prompt the related video and will run it on the front screen.
  3. Explore about the development of QR code based product dispensing and payment system. The idea is to develop such feature for product promotion using Near field communication protocols. The brand owner should be able to send a QR code to the mobile number of a customer near vending machine. The customer may be able to scan the QR code at the QR code scanner attached to the vending machine upon which the machine shall dispense the related product.
  4. Explore about the development of more new features for vending machines. Examples include, but not limited to, the development of feedback system from the customers using the touch screen.