Humanities & Social Sciences, MGSHSS
Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Nadhra Shahbaz Naeem Khan

Project Overview

Under this project, Dr. Nadhra Shahbaz Naeem Khan engaged into an agreement of consultancy services with AKCS-P (Agha khan cultural service Pakistan). It was a 5 months agreement starting from 1st February till 30th June 2017. This consultancy service involves the Digital Documentation of Lahore Fort. The consultancy services shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Inventorying of all panels on the northern section of the Picture Wall (PW) following panel nomenclature system provided by the AKCSP which will supplement AKTC identifiers of each panel in its respective section.
  2. Classification of decorative elements and themes including pictorials and floral motifs.
  3. Assigning a title to each individual motif and theme.
  4. Translation of any epigraphy on the northern part of the PW and its associate architectural elements, and of other relevant texts into English, relating them with other epigraphic material and historic references from the Lahore Fort and elsewhere.
  5. Detailed iconographic analysis of the northern section of the PW creating an interpretive document containing the interpretation and analysis of iconography found on the monument. Relating them with other epigraphic material and historic references from the Lahore Fort and elsewhere as well as describing possible symbolical, political, cultural or any other significance.
  6. Create and compile a final detailed comprehensive report that includes and combines the findings from the report prepared in the first phase detailing the western section of the PW with the findings from the second phase detailing the northern section. This report should include final conclusions and analyses situating the entire PW into context and with relevance to studies of both the western and northern section, also detailing possible comparison and differences/similarities between them. The final report should also briefly discuss the historical background of the Lahore fort, consisting of history and background, the neighboring context, history of all major structures of the fort and construction methods and decorative scheme.