In April 2009, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) initiated a pilot project designed specially to help innovators in developing areas access local based, high-quality technology information services. This project was titled as Technology & Innovation Service Centers (TISCs). The commencement of these centers was a success and therefore, currently there are 500 TISCs operating globally.
Out of these 500, 23 TISCs are operating in Pakistan, presently. LUMS being a proponent of such science and technology related initiatives is one of these 23 institutional bodies. LUMS, signed a MoU with WIPO, HEC and IPO on December, 12th, 2017 thereby, laying a foundation of TISC at LUMS.

Services provided by TISCs

Coming back to LUMs, the TISC here basically serve the same services that it provide anywhere else in the world. But here at LUMS it’s basically established for:

LUMS Beneficiaries

For more information, and assistance please contact TISC’s focal person at