Post Date
Jun 03 2023

Design and Development of a Wearable Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for Diabetes Patients

As per the research suggests, Pakistan alone had 7,474,000 cases of diabetes, which is 6.9% of the total adult population. Unmonitored diabetes can give rise to micro- and macro vascular diseases, for example, 37% kidney failure, 40% cardiovascular diseases, 14% heart attacks and 10% strokes. This project is focused on the development of an in-house Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system to provide for constant monitoring of glucose levels for diabetic individuals, around the clock.  
The designed CGM device displays current levels of blood glucose in near real-time and alerts the diabetic before a highrisk situation arises due to extreme variations in their blood glucose. This device also allows the diabetic to keep a complete log of blood glucose data which can be used to better identify the causes and timings of glycaemic excursions. The CGM helps diabetics in managing blood glucose in acceptable rang, thereby preventing organ damages, saving lives and also billions of rupees in health care cost.