• Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    Institutional Review Board (IRB) IRB will be responsible for overseeing all projects that involve the use of human subjects and animals. All issues related to the bio-safety will also be under the purview of the IRB.

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    Research Council

    The purpose of the Research Council is to identify and recommend those baseline policies that will be applicable to research endeavors of the faculty. .

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News & Events

  • Faculty Initiative Fund (FIF) 2021 Award Announcement

    LUMS time and again have proved that it takes research and development very important and have always been one step ahead to remove all the obstacles either funding or any other technical issues. With that, we would like to congratulate the 18 FIF awardees who have been granted the FIF grants for the 2021 Call. All the best to all the recipients for their research endeavors.

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    Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) 2020-21 Quarter 3 Award Announcement

    Once again, while struggling with the 3rd Wave of COVID 19, Office of Research presents to you all the 4 awardees for the FTG grant, for the 2020-21 (Q3) call. We wish them all the best and hope and pray that their travel is safe and sound.
    Award Announcement Date: 2021/02/15

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  • Faculty Initiative Fund (FIF) 2020-21 Award Announcement

    As mentioned on several occasions, Office of Research has always facilitated and promoted research culture at LUMS and will continue to do so even in the future. With that being said, It brings us immense pleasure to presents the 26 awardees of Faculty Initiative Fund, 2020-21. As always, we received many applications for this call as well, but after thorough review and evaluation, just

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    FTG 2020-21 Quarter 2 Award Announcement

    Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Office of Research has managed to pull through and process the applications received under FTG 2020-21 Quarter 2. It brings us great pleasure to presents the five awardees of Faculty Travel Grant 2020-21 (Q2). Congratulations to all the recipients of the award and all the best for their travel and research endeavors.

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  • Workshop on Grant Writing

    The Office of Research (OR) hosted a workshop on “Grant Writing” on March 3, 2020. Dr. Bruce Charles Wainman a renowned molecular biologist and pathologist was invited from McMaster University, Canada to share his expertise in this regard. Dr. Wainman besides being a faculty member at McMaster University is also an author to various books like, “Pharmacology Revealed” and “Physical

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    PhD Defense @ CS: Syed Mohammad Irteza

    The Graduate Program Committee invites you to the following PhD Defense:
    Candidate: Syed Mohammad Irteza
    Thesis Title: Resilient Network Load Balancing for Datacenters
    Date and Time: Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 at 9:00 AM
    Venue: CS Smart Lab, Ground Floor, SBASSE, LUMS
    Final Defense Committee:
    1. Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi (CS) - supervisor
    2. Dr. Zartash Afzal Uzmi (CS/EE)
    3. Dr.

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Policy of the Month

Faculty Travel Grant

The Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) policy has been formulated to provide guidelines in order to award and manage the FTG. This policy is applicable to all full time regular faculty members for international travel only...