Post Date
Jul 13 2024

Looking Back, Informing the Future: The 1947 Partition of British India

The Partition Project, “Looking Back, Informing the Future: The 1947 Partition of British India”, is a multidisciplinary study that is headed by Dr. Mariam Chughtai, Assistant Professor at SOE. The project examines questions not yet fully answered by the knowledge base existing in academia presently. The project is exploring Partition through varied lenses which include the demographic and humanitarian consequences of the Partition. The Partition Project is attempting to enhance the understanding of the history, context, and continuing impact of Partition by examining how civil society, medical professionals, religious organizations, ordinary people, and a wide array of government agencies collectively attempted to provide care and protection to the millions who crossed the borders. The project will be completed in partnership with several institutions across the sub-continental region that was affected by the partition and now hosts its survivors, including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.