Post Date
Jun 22 2024

Mapping Immune Response to SARS-COV2

The study was conducted by Dr. Shaper Mirza, Associate Professor, SBASSE and her team in order to characterize humoral response to SARS-Cov2 in asymptomatic carriers, self-resolving mild to moderate infections, and in severe infection to identify the different patterns of protective immunity. The study adopts a novel multidisciplinary approach designed to combine immunology, molecular biology, systems analysis, and epidemiological modeling to understand immune responses in a disease as complex as COVID-19. Serum samples from those with moderately severe disease will be analyzed for their protective capacity and gaining insight into patterns of immune responses. The data generated will be useful in the control and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and can be simulated for forecasting future epidemics with similar viruses. This includes the production of mathematical models to estimate key parameters in regional context including the chance of infection, rate of infection, the chance of recovery, average recovery time and degree of mobility within the sample population. The project is developed in collaboration with doctors, academics, and individuals from the public sector to establish a correlation of antibody production and other immunological parameters with age, ethnicity, acquisition of infection, the severity of infection, and differences in the immune response to COVID-19 infection.