Post Date
Oct 03 2023

Non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring Using a Multisensor IoT Based Glucometer Powered By Energy Harvesting

According to a recent national survey, 26% of Pakistan’s total population is diabetic. The survey conducted during 2016-2017 states that almost 35 to 40 million children under the age of 20 are victims of diabetes. Those patients are required to continuously monitor the blood sugar level to avoid any complications. The conventional method of “finger-stick” that measures the sugar level by taking blood samples is very painful for frequent usage by patients. This project aimed to develop the first wearable continuous glucometer for diabetic patients powered by a clean energy source on a small chip. It measures the sugar level without the need to draw blood samples from the patient. Therefore, it can be used more frequently with no pain while providing a high level of accuracy. The device is also connected to the doctors through the internet which allows the doctors or caregivers to monitor sugar levels of the patients remotely in real-time.