Post Date
Oct 06 2022

Protecting and Promoting Children's Rights in Pakistan

In a recent survey carried out by KidsRights, Pakistan stands at 154 out of 182 countries on the Global Child Rights index because Pakistan lacks an optimum legal system and adequate implementation mechanism tailored for the development and protection of child rights. A number of issues delay progress in this important area, including the lack of legislation and barriers to enforcement of legislation.

The research project, “Protecting and Promoting Children’s Rights in Pakistan,” intitiated by Sikander Ahmed Shah, (Associate Pofessor), SAHSOL and his Co-PI, Assistant Professor Uzair Kayani, aims to expand access of legal services for victims of child abuse and their families. The LUMS team will work with ABA-ROLI to deliver trainings in Lahore, Multan, and Islamabad on Standard Operating Procedures for paralegals to respond to and support survivors of child sexual abuse. They will also undertake a gap analysis of Pakistan’s existing domestic legislation in comparison to Pakistan’s international commitments with respect to the protection and promotion of child rights. The discrepancies between international and domestic standards will be compiled in a policy report. This report will then be presented to all key stakeholders in the government, members of the judicial system, and civil society organisations. The project will prove beneficial to government and civil society representatives who attend the virtual conference as the training workshops will equip them with crucial knowledge on responding to victims and survivors at pre-trial and trial stages. This process will benefit the justice system as a whole in this pertinent area of concern