Post Date
Jun 03 2023

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess Effectiveness of the In-Home Growth Monitoring Tool (GroMoTo) in Addressing Childhood Stunting

The study was focused on caregivers from disadvantaged communities in developing countries that do not receive adequate, direct, and regular feedback on the growth-trajectory of children in their care. To this end, this project proposes a solution, an easily implementable, flexible, and low cost in-home growth monitoring tool called GroMoTo and intends to test its effectiveness with an open-label randomised controlled trial. GroMoTo requires community health workers (CHWs) to help caregivers measure their children's height, record those measurements on a poster-sized chart installed inside the home, and help caregivers understand where their children stand in relation to healthy growth norms. The major goal of the proposed project was to demonstrate feasibility of GroMoTo while generating evidence to support a bid for a larger trial.