Office of Research (OR) holds Workshop on Research and Academic Collaboration between LUMS and Scandinavian Universities

Office of Research (OR) holds Workshop on Research and Academic Collaboration between LUMS and Scandinavian Universities
Research Event, OR, LUMS


Research Event, OR, LUMS

The Office of Research (OR) held a workshop on research and academic collaboration in computer science and related disciplines i.e., artificial intelligence, data analytics, software engineering, and informa­tion systems on Monday, March 13, 2023, at Electrical Engineering Reading Room, Second Floor, SBASSE. 


The event was hosted by Dr. Zubair Khalid (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, LUMS) and Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais (Professor, Department of Computer Science, LUMS). Dr. Naveed Arshad, Dr. Hassan Mohyuddin, Dr. Momin Ayub Uppal, Dr. Muhammad Sabieh and Dr. Furrukh Khan were among a few notable LUMS faculty members among the attendees of this informative session. 


This workshop was a joint effort between LUMS and Scandinavian Universities to strengthen cooperation in areas including curriculum development, faculty and student exchange, joint supervision, joint research projects and funding applications. 


The esteemed speakers from Linnaeus University, Sweden and Norwegian University of Science and Technology identified research streams where collaboration between LUMS and Scandinavian Universities can be enhanced. 


Linnaeus University hosts a total of 40,000 students with 315 PhD. students, 180 professors and 6 research centres. The university has carried out research with its industrial partners Ikea and SODRA and research services are provided in domains including Business, Engineering and Design to various companies. Dr. Arianit Kurti (HoD Informatics Department) and Dr. Zenun Kastrati represented the Department of Informatics, Linnaeus University whereas Dr. Nadeem Abbas (Department of CS and Media) was also among the guests panel from Linnaeus University. Brief introduction on Informatics Department was shared with the attendees for their understanding and interest. The department focuses on ICT development and holds 2200 students out of which 900 are international students. The Faculty of Technology consists of 7700 students and 80 PhD. students. Primarily, the focus of the department is on data driven business innovation and building community systems. Their research projects are focused on EU Horizon projects, Erasmus+ (Stem for all) and Erasmus ICM. Dr. Hassan Mohyuddin (LUMS) proposed an idea to collaborate with Linnaeus University in carrying out data driven decisions and data modelling in health sector. Questions were asked regarding Erasmus ICM and Erasmus Horizon Projects by the faculty members and the queries were well-explained by the representatives of Linnaeus University to ensure smooth submission and acceptance of proposals.


The NTNU guest panel included four panelists namely Mr. Paul Knutson and Dr. Ali Shariq Imran (Department of Computer Science), Dr. Mohamed Abomhara (Department of Information Security) and Dr. Muhammad Mudassar Yamin (Department of Information Security). The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is a public university in Norway and the largest university by enrollment in the country. The university has more than 7500 faculty members and the world’s biggest open AI lab and 46 research centers. NTNU’s research projects are focused on EU and NORPART and a discussion was carried out regarding these funding opportunities for creating awareness among the participants who wish to submit proposals and look forward to approval. With a purpose to increase mutual understanding, Dr. Ali Shariq from NTNU shared details about a recent event conducted by NTNU for the universities of Pakistan to showcase the research carried out at NTNU for reflecting their research interests and areas of expertise. The session was beneficial for Pakistani universities as it highlighted relevant domains where collaborations could be carried out for mutual benefit. The attendees appreciated this initiative and Dr. Momin Uppal (LUMS) encouraged the formulation of synergies for conducting research in future.


The session turned out to be an admirable platform for networking, creating awareness and building trust among the LUMS community and its counterparts for carrying out research collaborations in future.


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