REDC and PTCL Celebrate their Partnership for FueL Leadership Academy 

A photograph of the outdoor session


The Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) and Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) celebrated their learning partnership for the FueL Leadership Academy in a concluding ceremony organised on the Centre’s gardens, in compliance with COVID-19 SOPs. 

Spanning over six modules, the programme provided participants with a mix of real-time faculty-led learning sessions, case studies, and guest speakers sharing their experiences, to make their learning journey more interesting. Shahid Siddique, General Manager PTCL, expressed, “It opens up new horizons for your development. This programme is a paradigm shift in your leadership cohort.” 

While the programme was earlier designed to be conducted in-person at the REDC facility at LUMS, the extended nature of the programme - first initiated in November 2019 – called for re-thinking programme delivery methods at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Participants also attended the later modules in the online and hybrid formats for which they commended the programme model, content and faculty for maintaining the high standard attributed to REDC. Ahmad Tahir, Senior Manager HR PTCL shared, “It was a great learning environment, impressive use of technology, and very well coordinated programme.”

Conducted under its custom initiatives, the programme is exclusively designed to meet the challenges faced by the telecommunication industry due to its competitive positioning in terms of fast-tracked innovation and digitalisation of the market.

According to Ch. Khizar Hayat, Senior Manager PTCL, “An enticing programme for learning; it was a very useful and up-to-date learning experience.”

The programme modules were designed to facilitate interactive learning through deliberation on real-world business situations, allowing participants to deal with complex problems and explore prospective solutions in a collaborative learning environment.

Syed Athar Shah, Senior Manager PTCL, said the programme was “practical, concise and to the point. It was helpful in not only our professional but personal lives as well.”

The FueL Leadership Academy is a first of its kind modular programme which comprised a mix of online live and on-campus components that engaged the executives from PTCL in an extended learning journey.

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